Do you want me to reach my potential?


Then think about my wellbeing first, please.


Please challenge me to become the best version of myself that I can be.


Please demonstrate how important it is to for me to take care of my body with proper nutrition, necessary sleep and a whole lot of movement.


Please support me as I acquire the habits to practice self-compassion-from it will come empathy, resilience, gratitude and the ability to cope. 


Please introduce me to a variety of environments to find out where I can flourish


Please help me develop the mindset that time is a non-renewable resource and it is valuable.  Please make the most of our time together. Every single moment.


Please surround me with engaging mentors from all walks of life whom I can connect with.  Instill in me to fill my life with strong, meaningful relationships with others that care about my wellbeing.


Please foster the belief that I should play to my strengths. Because, I do in fact, have strengths. Lots of them.


Please impart in me to take pride in my work.


Please, nurture what lies within me as I navigate unearthing my purpose, my direction and what is meaningful to me.


These are the building blocks of what I need.  As Bill Walsh would say, “The Score takes care of itself.”  


Please prepare me for the path-not the path for me. Walk with me on my journey, not behind me or in front of me.

This will be the greatest gift of all that you can give to me…and to my kids, and to my grandkids.

Do you want to learn more about your kids, students, or yourself? Complete this questionnaire to find out what brings out your positive emotions!

 ***If you want to explore these topics further check out The Coddling of the American Mind or Wellbeing. Both books inspired ideas for this piece and are great reads.

***If you want to see what research says about what makes for an incredible life, go here!

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