A heart-wrenching week was a part of a long November.


That long November stretched into two months filled with lack of energy.


And those two tiring months have been the culmination of a cage rattling semester. 


Young lives have been lost in our schools. 


A little annoying bump in an ear turned into two surgeries, a fifty-stitch skin graft, and a trip to an oncologist.


Cancer invaded our puppy giving us limited options: amputation, chemo, or radiation.


There was a window of time we thought we lost your youngest sibling.


The “normal” choice would be to carry on as usual. But, I can’t.


But here we are.  A gorgeous day with blue skies.


Mommy has held strong and the baby is on track.


The ear is fully healed after being Vincent Van Gogh for Halloween. 


Nala continues to be her pain in the ass self-but with all four limbs.


A walk across a stage with two kind ladies to receive an award that seemed unattainable.


And now what lies ahead?




And your siblings.


And our students.


And kids from all over.


Simon Sinek said to start with why.  Ya’ll are my why.


Standing on the shoulders of giants I finally feel strong enough.


The courage has finally risen to pull the hoodie sleeves up to show the scars.


Each scar is a story that will help prepare you for your path.


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is right now.”


And now is the time for the stories to be heard, “just in case I get hit by a bus.”


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