26 Important Beliefs I Have as a Parent and Educator


I believe in the power of education. I believe we can use education to make the world a better place. What if districts were given a report card based on compassion and empathy as opposed to a state test? What would our world look like?

I believe everything begins with our mindset.

I believe in Eudaimonia and the power or living a meaningful life.

I believe when it comes to crafting a life, we should teach our children to be like a chef.

I believe our children should be taught Essentialism and to focus on their one thing.

believe we can help raise and nurture kids to be like what Dr. Adam Grant refers to as “givers.”

I believe books should be treasured. I believe we should teach our kids to cherish books at a very young age.

I believe children must be taught the tools to develop optimism and curiosity. I believe these two are the most important skills we should pass on.

I believe we should give our children a chance to find their true autarkeia, which in Greek translates to “a mind filled with content.

I believe when a compass and a map are the navigation tools available, we should teach children to choose the compass.

I believe we should all play to our strengths to achieve excellence. We should identify them within ourselves and our students and push them as far as we can possibly go.

I believe we need to develop calculated risk takers and reward for making a mistake after taking a well thought out chance. A synonym for mistake-making? It’s called learning. Ask Thomas Edison how many tries it took him to invent the light bulb.

I believe we should have a spot on a child’s report card for grit.

I believe we should assume absolutely nothing. We should constantly question and approach life through the lens of a researcher or scientist. We should take a page from Elon Musk, “This would be better if…”

I believe if we explored our experiences with fresh eyes, anything is possible.

I agree with Seth Godin. I believe we should teach our kids to solve interesting problems and be able to lead.

I believe a portion of every child’s day should be focused on physical well-being: nutrition, sleep and physical activity.

I believe spending a portion of our day expressing gratitude can go a long way for our children’s future.

I am a public school teacher, but I do not believe everyone fits nicely into a box or flow chart. I believe our outlier kids could be our greatest asset and we can learn a ton from them. These are the kids who need certain supports or interventions but don’t check off enough boxes in our current system.

I believe in habits, systems and checklists. I believe that for a person wired as I am, I need these tools to help me navigate my day and help me maintain balance. I believe habits can be taught even to little ones and it will benefit them. I see it every day in my classroom. I believe I can reroute some of the DNA within me by creating positive habit loops. I believe it is all in mindset.

I believe in spirituality more than organized religion. I believe in mindfulness, meditation and karma. I believe a time for mindfulness should be required in schools and all children should have access to mental health tools and resources.

I believe everybody should have the same rights as a white dude from suburbia like me. I believe I don’t have the right to tell people who they can or cannot love or marry or worship. As long as they are choosing kindness, we are cool.

I believe there are great people out there. Everywhere. No matter the color, orientation, geography or social status. I also believe the antithesis is also true- there are mean, disgruntled people out there. I am trying to work on being in the former group on a full-time basis because many times I have slipped into the latter group. Always something to strive for.

I believe words, spoken or written, are powerful.

I believe in “Audaces fortuna iuvat,” which in Latin is translated to mean “fortune favors the bold.”

This is the beginning of my journey to becoming bold.

I will share mistakes, lessons learned, stories and anecdotes as I search for meaning each day to become a better husband, parent, friend, and educator.

There is something to learn from everyone. I believe everyone is creative in some way.

Won’t you come along?

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