You Are Enough

Some of the best advice I have received came from a friend in three small but powerful words that I now repeat to myself.




I can’t make it disappear but I am enough to show you the positive perspective that makes all of the difference in your day.

I can’t change others but I am enough of a steadfast presence to make them think an extra second before judging and reacting.

I can’t shelter you from the sadness but I am enough to be a soft place to land and to build you back up stronger than before.

I can’t keep you from the anger that bubbles up but I am enough to teach you the only person that makes you angry is you.

I can’t stop the world from overwhelming you but I am enough to model courage, the inner peace of balance, and finding calm in the little things.

I can’t shield you from the bigger is better but I am enough to show you the simplicity and strength of gratitude and a less is more attitude.

I wasted too many minutes wondering, worrying that I wasn’t enough for you; that somehow you would have been better off with a different, better version of a mother.

I am brave.

I am strong.

I am enough.


You are brave.

You are strong.