Week of July 24: Luca

This is Luca...our Super Hero of the Week!

Luca is one of the most strong willed Super Heroes on our Team.  Luca loves his family and friends dearly and takes good care of them.  He is also very energetic-especially when he uses his super power!

Luca’s super power is his sense of hearing.  It has been said he can hear an ice cream truck from miles away.  He also puts this super power to good use as he locates his other favorite trucks out on the road!

Luca is looking for fellow Super Heroes to join his Team!  If you would like to nominate your own Super Hero of the Week, head to our Contact Page and send us a quick email about your Super Hero.  Please share three words that best describe your Super Hero, his/her super power, and if he/she has a favorite super hero.