One Love by Cedella Marley

We love music in our house.  We use it for calming purposes.  We listen while we cook supper.  We use it to learn. 

Now we can connect it to our Sensory Stories with a great book.  “One Love” adapted by Cedella Marley is a fantastic book anytime, but we thought we would use it for Valentine’s Day!

“One Love” is a great way to discuss music and how we feel. Cedella Marley brought her father’s famous song to life with is beautiful picture book.


Courage to Connect CLE firmly believes that if multiple sensory systems are engaged in an activity, more learning will occur.  We thought we would find our favorite books and create a multisensory set of activities that can be drawn upon in the future.  We want to grow leaders, problem solvers, and difference makers.

One Love” is a great conversation starter to help make our world a better place.  It made me think of a great quote by Tony Evans:

“If you want a better world, composed of better nations, inhabited by better states, filled with better countries, made up of better cities, comprised of better neighborhoods, illuminated by better churches, populated by better families, then you’ll have to start by becoming a better person.”

This post is filled with multisensory learning activities that can be done in a variety of environments.  They can be done at home, in a classroom, or at a daycare.  We made sure all sensory systems were put to use as we navigate through the book.  Hope you enjoy!

Title: One Love

Author: Cedella Marley

Theme: Valentine’s Day/Kindness

A great introductory sensory activity to do prior reading the book would be to listen to the Bob Marley’s original song.  Engage the auditory system right away to introduce this terrific book.

As you begin the Sensory Story Time, engage your child’s visual system by taking a picture walk through the book.  Explore the cover and all the pictures (without reading the words) discussing what may be going on each page.

Now that you are ready to begin reading, do you have a dog or a doll?  How do they feel on your tactile system?  Do you they make you feel better? What does a kiss from your dog feel like first thing in the morning?

As the day begins for the young girl, do you notice they have both a hot drink and a cold drink for breakfast?  Which do you like?  Your oral sensory system will help you figure that out.  What did you have for breakfast?

Do you take your dog for a walk to get your proprioceptive system going?  If you don’t have one, go for a run up a hill or ride your bike.  As you run or ride, do you hear anything?  Smell anything with your olfactory system?
One of our favorite vestibular activities is to climb a tree or do the monkey bars at the playground.  Do you see how the girl is swinging upside down?  The vestibular system gives us information about our body positioning in space.  How do you feel upside down?

As the neighbors begin to clean up, can you find different items you can recycle?  Can you sort them by how they feel?  Paper, plastic and glass feel different.  In what ways?  Your tactile system will tell you. 

As the neighbors begin to work, music helps bring them together.  What songs do you like to sing when you work?  Are there instruments that make you feel good?  Your auditory system will give you clues! It may not be the best time to plant outside now, but could you get some dirt and a pot and plant something that you can keep in the house?  How does the dirt feel as you dig the hole?  When you add water, does it feel the same?  Use that tactile system again!

On a nice day or clear night, lay down on the ground for a few minutes and gaze up at the sky.  What do you see?  Could you take a picture in your mind and then draw or paint what you saw?  Combine your visual and tactile systems to create something beautiful.

As you end the story, discuss how your family feels and what you could do to make your neighborhood and community a better place!

We have found many great events that you can find at that can help bring our community together!


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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