July 6 Mini-session: Visit from the Cleveland Botanical Gardens!

We had a great visit from Jennifer McDowell from the Botanical Gardens!  To open the sensory integration, the children went on a fun "Color Hunt" to see what types of flowers were around the Lake House.  The kiddos then came in and made their own flower with different sensory materials.   On July 10, we will take our band to the Botanical Gardens for a special day...hope you can join us!

After exploring the flowers and colors with Ms. Jen, the kiddos created their own Sensory Calming Jar with Miss Emily!

1.  Find the right size and shaped bottled that would be best for your calming jar.  For our sensory calming jar, we used a 16.9 ounce Smart Water Bottle.  Voss water bottles come highly recommended as well.

2.  We feel that the best ratio for a calming jar is between 75-80% water to 20-25% glue.  For our sensory experience, we removed 4 ounces of water from our Smart water bottle to begin our sensory experiment.

3.  The remaining 12.9 ounces from the Smart water bottle we heated up on the stove.  It does not have to boil but has to be very warm.  

4.  As the water is heating, add sequins, regular glitter, and fine colored glitter (Gold/Silver) to your jar.  Adding different items will then provide different speeds for those items to fall in your sensory calming jar.  We used a funnel to help our little ones.

5.  Once the water is heated up, we poured the water into a mixing bowl and added 4 ounces of Elmer's clear glue.  We mixed the glue and water very well.  You can add food coloring but we noticed that it makes it much darker.

5.  Pour the contents of the mixing jar back into your Smart water bottle.  Tighten the top very well.  The jar will be very warm to touch for children.

Have fun with your jar!