June 29 Mini-session: Visit from the Museum of Natural History!

We had a great visit from Heather Lee from the Museum of Natural History!  The children investigated animals and habitats.  It was an awesome exploration using puzzles, pelts, and many other fun materials.  Make sure you check out the museum for some sensory integration fun!


We also created our own sensory book with Miss Emily!  Follow these simple directions to make a great book of your own!

1.  Find a book that your child really likes that you don't mind adding items to with glue.

2.  Locate items in the house that can add a tactile touch to the story.  Different shiny paper, fabrics, stickers, feathers, string, sand paper...anything that will stimulate the senses.

3.  We used glue to make sure these items stuck to the pages.  The kids went a step further and added letters to the pages that they thought were important!